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Financial Intermediary Mutual Funds
Summary Prospectus Resource Center

Broadridge has the experience and resources to support mutual funds and financial intermediaries in planning an effective approach to prospectus production and distribution.

We have a deep understanding of the SEC Summary Prospectus rule and have customized solutions that will work best for you. Partner with the company that has been successfully fulfilling post-sale prospectuses for over 15 years. We prepare solutions that help you with your compliance and your bottom line as your regulatory requirements evolve every year.

Broadridge's unique prospectus management capabilities offer you these benefits:
  • A deep understanding of the Summary Prospectus rule
  • Summary Prospectus delivery and website support
  • Efficient, secure electronic document delivery
  • On-demand print options for Summary Prospectuses
  • Financial analysis to determine potential reduction in print and fulfillment costs